Welcome to Hôtel du globe :
 A room with a view on the strange

 story of this belgian pop-rock band  

While the artistic stalemate caused by Covid 19 was raging, the belgian band Hôtel du globe took advantage of the break to gather and reform with a renewed energy.  

-After having performed in the belgian venues in the 80's, Hôtel du globe has just recorded several tracks and what's more signed a distribution and mastering contract with the independant English label Glasstone Records* for its new release "Eyes of the Shadow"

* PIAS partner- Play it again Sam - and Rough Trade

-The result of this collaboration showcases their universe which combines the energy and the poetry of an often mysterious world, where each listener can let his imagination run free.

* PIAS partner- Play it again Sam - and Rough Trade

Hôtel du globe's new track " Eyes of the Shadow " invites you into a poetic, energetic and mysterious world.

Hôtel du globe in a few words  

Fred Floss (bass guitar), Pierrot Melchior (vocals) and Marco De Meersman (drums) are the pilars of the Hôtel du globe's revival 
 With the precious help of Geoffrey Lesire (Springclean) on guitar and artistic direction, they recorded 3 releases with pop rock influences. 
Louise Floss brings her haunting velvet voice to Back to the past 

The 3 tracks are   :

 Posthumous decoration

 Back to the past  

Pierrot Melchior
Louise Floss
Fred Floss
Marco De Meersman
Geoffrey Lesire