The strange fate of Hôtel Du globe 

- From the school bench to the stage

The story of Hôtel du Globe began when two young teenagers Fred (bass guitar) and Pierrot (vocals) dreamt of making music.

their idols are Joy Division, The Cure, The Clash, The Ramones , Duran Duran ...  

Punk and New wave brought a breath of fresh air to music, we are in the early 80's.

Dimitri Koutcheriw (drums and keyboards) joint them to form  the group "Transmission" which will later become Hôtel du globe upon the arrivals of  Philippe Verstraeten on guitar and then  Marco De Meersman (who will become one of the drummers of  Vaya con Dios, drummer of Isabelle Antena and also the Domino's). The project was interrupted by the turmoil of life in the mid-80s.

-Each of them left the group to pursue their own professional horizons.

Hôtel du globe on tour in the 80's

- From confinement to the studio 

The story could have ended there, ...

Except that at the beginning of 2021 Fred took advantage of the time granted by successive confinements waves  of Covid 19 and took the initiative to renew contacts. 

The band members, who now had time, took the opportunity to return to the studio under the creative guidance of Geoffrey Lesire (Springclean).

They recorded  " Eyes of the Shadow "  end 2021 and then worked on a video for the track with the talented young filmmaker Roch Pirard.

The track seduced the independant English label  Glasstone Records who signed a collaboration contract.

2 other tracks are already recorded in the process :

-Posthumous decoration  which describes like a prospective painting, the autumn and winter seasons where the human being seems already sadly absent.

-Back to the past is a poetic fresco of a life that passes so quickly and the nostalgia of chilhood. Louise Floss ' velvet voice is very emotional.

The strange destiny of Hôtel du globe takes a new turn more than 30 years after its first gig.